When it comes to my education, my parents are my biggest motivators. I work as hard as I can to make them proud and to learn as much as possible each and every day. From an athletic perspective, my motivation comes from within and that motivation is fueled by those who doubt my resolve.  I have been told that I can’t play Division I football due to my height.  When I hear that I just tell people to wait and see. Each and every game I give 110% effort and I show them exactly what I am capable of. Those that have seen me play know full well that my height is a non-factor.  I am easily able to dominate Division I prospects that have a ‘height advantage’ over me.  My other athletic motivations are my friends and my personal goals. I have always wanted to play Division I football and I am lucky enough to have a great group of brothers that have always had the same dream.  We work harder than everyone else because we believe in ourselves and we believe in each other.

Kevin Kaufman | Senior Season 9 Game Highlights

What Coaches Say

“Kevin Kaufman is very hard working and coachable. His determination to learn the technical skills of line play will separate him from the other players in the meeting room.”

– Coach Lindquist | Varsity Head + Defensive Line Coach

“On the field, Kevin devastates the opposition with merciless ferocity. But off the field, he is one of the kindest and most lovable human beings you’ll ever meet.”

– Ed Garza | HPHS Varsity Offensive Line Coach

“Kevin works extremely hard on and off the field. He has a great work ethic and loves playing football. We expect great things from him during his senior year.”

– Coach Downs | Offensive Line Coach

“Kevin is one of the easiest and most fun kids to coach. He is a team guy who provides tremendous leadership. On the field he is one of the most powerful and physical kids I have coached. He makes opponents very aware that it is going to be a long game for them.”

– Coach Horeni | Former Varsity Head Coach