Kevin Kaufman has left an incredible impression upon his Highland Park teammates as a wonderful protector of their offensive line in his sophomore year. An incredible Highland Park, Illinois, football player, this young man shows great skill and talent in his offensive guard highlights viewable on HUDL.

There is much to be said for both his effort and power at the line upon every play, breaking an opening and bearing down on every defender in his way. With Kevin on the line there is always room for a receiver or rusher to break through, allowing for incredible gains and points on the board. You can tell this young man keeps up his hard work day in and day out, definitely a reliable asset to every member of his team.

From the highlights I have seen, I believe that Highland has an incredible amount to expect from Kevin over the next two years they have him on the field. Good luck, Kevin! The opposition should remain afraid of your skill and strength, and the very power to have to assist your team in completing plays. We look forward to seeing everything you are able to do, as well as where the 2019 recruiting class takes you.